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JP Karuaihe Trust Fund Scholarships 2020

In line with the commitment to provide legal studies to Namibians, the J P KARUAIHE TRUST FUND Proudly invites you to apply for bursaries at universities in Namibia and South Africa.
Applicants must comply with the following conditions:
• A cover letter with full contact details
• Certified copy of latest Grade 12 examination results or university results
• Certified copies of relevant diplomas/degrees;
• Certified copy of birth certificate/passport;
• Proof of provisional acceptance from university in LAW studies
NO faxed or emailed applications accepted
Mail To:
J P Karuaihe Bursary 2020
PO Box 23604
Website: jpkaruaihetrust.com
Only selected candidates will be contacted
Closing Date: January 15, 2020
Support the JP Karuaihe Trust Fund: A Legal mind is a terrible thinK to waste

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The 18th Anniversary of the Judge JP Karuaihe Trust and the 11th Annual JPK Trust Legal Excellence Awards took place on Friday, 1 December 2017, at Arebbusch Lodge.

For the fifth time, the JPK Trust Legal Excellence Awards ceremony took place on the same day and prior to the LSN AGM. Since the awards are centered around legal practitioners and law students the LSN created an opportunity for its members to be present when future legal practitioners and their peers are awarded for their achievements.

The History

The Law Society’s involvement with the Judge JPK Trust started during 2006 when the trustees of the JPK Trust approached the LSN to assist them in identifying and selecting deserving winners for the ‘legal excellence awards’ thereby acknowledging the dedication, efforts and commitment of legal practitioners who are enhancing and protecting the Rule of Law in Namibia and honouring their social responsibilities.

Legal Excellence Awards

The LSN received the names of the best students from the Justice Training Centre and University of Namibia, respectively. Many of the LSN members contribute to society but they do not always ‘advertise’ their good deeds.The LSN thanks them for their contributions to society and trust that the good deeds will continue in future. The LSN invited nominations from its members. The Access to the Law and Social

Responsibility Committee considered:

  • Applications / nominations received;
  • LSN members who appeared pro bono / acted amicus curiae;
  • Members who presented training and who assisted the presenters with training;
  • Members who assisted the LSN with the free legal advice days;

The Committee made recommendations to the Council with regard to the Excellence Awards for Social Responsibility and Human Rights. Paa Ntinda (Director at Sisa Namandje Inc, former beneficiary and

current Trustee of Judge JP Karuaihe Trust), made a short presentation on behalf of the JPK Trust. In the past Dr. Weder, Kauta & Hoveka Inc., in their capacity as Sponsors, presented a cheque to the JP Karuaihe Trust. This did not take place on 1 December 2017, as the handing over took place two months ago.

Best Student Awards

Best JTC Student for 2016

Caitlin Quinn achieved a 65% average respectively in all 11 subjects. Paa Ntinda, on behalf of the JPK Trust, presented Caitlin with the trophy.Meyer van den Berg, on behalf of the LSN, presented her with a cheque in the amount of N$3,500.00.

Best LLB Final Year Student for 2016

Eino Kandali Nangolo achieved 76,5% average.Paa Ntinda, on behalf of the JPK Trust, presented Phillip Balhao of UNAM with the trophy, which he accepted on behalf of Eino. Meyer van den Berg, on behalf of the LSN, presented a cheque in the amount of N$2,500.00 to Phillip Balhao, who accepted it on behalf of Eino.

Legal Excellence Award for Social Responsibility

The winner is: Greyling & Associates.Willem Greyling, on behalf of Greyling & Associates in Oshakati, received the award from Paa Ntinda.

Legal Excellence Award for Human Rights

The winner is: The Legal Assistance Centre.Toni Hancox, on behalf of the Legal Assistance Centre, received the award from Paa Ntinda. We thank the JPK Trust for joining hands with the LSN to honour the achievements. The LSN congratulates the JPK Trust with its 18th Anniversary and wishes the JPK Trust much success with their future endeavours.

The LSN trusts that their commitment to providing bursaries to deserving candidates to study law and honouring achievements will go from strength to strength and that the LSN and the JPK Trust will have a long and fruitful relationship.